MP3 Remix for Windows Media Player

MP3 Remix for Windows Media Player 3.811

Enhances the Windows Media Player to create mixes in MP3 format
Installs as an extension to the Windows Media Player player and gives users the possibility to create mixes in MP3 format with rhythm detection.

MP3 Remix has been created to allow you to “remix” songs in real time. It can accurately detect the rhythm and the dynamics of the played song and use these to add synchronized sound effects and create the so-called “remixes”.

It comes as a plugin for Windows Media Player and Winamp. This eliminates the worry of having to load only compatible audio file formats, as it will “remix” the tracks as they are being played by these applications.

Another nice thing is that it comes with a reasonably comprehensive library of sounds. These can be mixed into presets of beats and loops that will help you give a truly original touch to the played song. Therefore, you will be able to mix up to 320 different sounds, including scratches and vocals into loops and beats and synchronize them with the played song in order to create the perfect remix.

Without having any previous DJ-ing or remixing experience, you will be able to create original mixes that sound great and can impress anyone. The simplicity and straightforwardness are indeed the strongest points of this application, as in terms of other features it cannot compete with professional mixing software. But when it comes to those users who just need to add some extra fun to parties and other social events, this tool is the right one.

Margie Smeer
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  • It's very easy-to-use
  • Comes with a pretty comprehensive sound library
  • Lightweight and resource-friendly


  • The remixes can not be recorded in the free trial version
  • Suitable only for casual users
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